Location: Members and Guests, 100 Scarlett Rd.

Lambton Golf and Country Club Employee and Guest Check-in

Start by using your phone to scan in the QR code or use the RVisitors app to scan the QR Code

QR code for check-in


Go to https://lgcc-guests.RVisitors.net to check-in

iOS Use the camera app to scan the QR code and Press the WEBSITE QR CODE notification
Android Try to use the camera app to scan the QR code. If that does not work, check manufacturer instructions for your device.
Samsung Camera app can be used with the most newer devices.
Options: Open the Samsung Internet app, select Settings and then Useful features. Enable QR code scanner. Open a browser tab, click into the web address at the top, then select small QR code icon, generally to the right of the web address. Follow the instructions.